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Package Costs

Heart Check up (over 40 ) 

Cost : 16,000 THB 

Heart check-up for over 40s: expert assessments, screenings, lifestyle evaluation for optimal cardiac health.

Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery (1-Level) 

Cost : 350,810 THB 

Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery package: Minimally invasive treatment for spinal disc herniations.

Heart Check up (over 40 ) 

Cost : 16,000 THB 

Comprehensive heart check-up for over 40s: assessments, screenings, lifestyle evaluation. Personalized advice from healthcare professionals essential. 

Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery (1-Level)  

Cost: 350,810 THB 

Endoscopic Discectomy Surgery package: Minimally invasive treatment for disc herniations, includes 9-12 hours hospital stay.

Breast cancer screening for women at high risk (age 40 years and above) 

Cost : 32,800  THB 

Breast cancer screening vital for all women, especially those at high risk. Personalized screening plans crucial, collaborate with healthcare providers.

Stroke Work Up Package 

Cost : 28,000   THB 

Stroke workup package: Evaluations and tests to identify stroke causes or risks. Recommended for those with family history or risk factors.

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